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Crestline Community Pool Rules

  1. Pool use is limited to active use by current residents and Members only. Guests and/or visitors are not permitted in the pool or pool area at this time. Capacity of the pool and pool areas shall be people. Only 6 Members per household are allowed at a time and for a maximum time period of one and half hours (1.5). All swimmers must practice social distancing, consistent with State and agency guidelines, while in the pool/pool area and when getting in or out of the pool. Congregating of any kind is not allowed in and around the pool or pool area.
  1. General pool operating hours are from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Residents/Members using the pool for lap swim must keep to their own lane. As circumstances warrant, any limitations on pool use and its hours are subject to change at any time in order for the Association to comply with mandated COVID-19 protocols and/or precautions as necessary.
  2. Members/residents should store all personal items such as coolers, bags, toys, towels, etc. at a safe distance (i.e., a minimum of six (6) feet) from another group’s items to avoid any surface contact. Residents/Members must clean up after themselves each time they visit the pool or pool area and properly dispose of all trash in designated receptacles. Members/residents may not leave any trash or other items behind when leaving. Should any items be left behind, they will be disposed of by the Association’s cleaning crew.
  3. The Association will make efforts to cause commonly touched surfaces to be cleaned during scheduled cleaning periods. During those cleaning periods, the pool and/or pool area may be fully or partially closed. In addition, Members/residents should bring their own cleaning wipes and hand sanitizer and clean contact surfaces immediately before and after their use.
  4. Pets, alcohol, food, gum, picnicking, spitting, bicycling, skateboarding, rollerblading, hockey, skating, soccer, etc. are not permitted within the pool area at any time. Members/residents may bring their personal water bottles to the pool/pool area, but should not share it with anyone else.
  5. Members/residents should wash their hands promptly if they have touched their eyes, nose, or mouth, or use hand sanitizer if soap and water is not readily available. Members/residents should properly cover their coughs and/or sneezes with their elbows and a covered sleeve, or a tissue, and dispose of any used tissue in proper receptacles immediately.
  6. Members/residents must observe social distancing guidelines in the pool and/or pool area. Members/residents must remain six (6) feet apart from one another at all times. If the pool/pool area is at capacity, Members/residents may not enter the area until another Member or resident has left.
  7. Any individuals who have been exposed to COVID-19, or who have been around persons who contracted COVID-19, are not allowed to use the pool or pool area until they remain symptom-free for a period of two (2) consecutive weeks after the exposure or symptoms.
  8. There shall be no jacuzzi/spa use within the pool area pending the lifting of social distancing and other restrictions from state and/or local authorities. This area will remain closed to residents/Members. Members/residents will have restroom/shower access, subject to one (1) Member or Members/residents of the same household using such restroom/shower at a time.
  9. In general, residents/Members must continue to adhere to state and/or local mandates for individual protection. Residents/Members should consistently wash their hands, practice social distancing, practice good hygiene, and wear other protective coverings such as masks and gloves when not swimming or actively engaging in the pool, including when entering into or exiting from the pool area or otherwise within the Association’s Common Area.
  10. If the pool or pool area becomes too crowded, or the demand for use is high such that adequate safety precautions are not being properly utilized, the Board reserves the right to further limit pool use as necessary and may consider implementing a sign up system where residents/Members will need to sign up in advance for scheduled use of the pool or respective pool area.
  11. All residents/Members who use the pool/pool area shall do so at their own risk.
  12. Vulnerable individuals, as identified by governmental agencies, should refrain from using the pool or pool area until state and/or local officials authorize resuming public interaction.
  13. All Members who do not comply with these Rules will be subject to the Association’s Enforcement Policy and/or imposition of fines pursuant to the Association’s Fine Schedule.
  14. All Members/residents must execute and submit the approved Release and Waiver of Liability form before pool use will be permitted. Additionally, a parent/guardian must execute and submit the approved Waiver form on behalf of any minors in their household who will be using the pool facility. Members/residents only need to submit the Waiver form one time. The executed Waiver form will remain on file with the Association.
  15. These emergency Rules adopted due to the COVID-19 pandemic are intended to temporarily supplement existing Pool Rules. Where there is a conflict between the existing Rules and these temporary Rules, the temporary Rules prevail. The temporary Rules will take effect upon posting and will remain in effect for a period of 120 days (to November 11, 2020), or as that period may otherwise be shortened by the Board.

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