Blueray swim lessons are taught with a student first focus, emphasizing safety and swimming skills together as part of an individual’s development. We believe it is imperative to first establish a base comfort level for our swimmers in and around water, and then progress with skill development. This approach allows us to successfully and efficiently guide each individual through the steps of skill progression. Blueray instructors approach each swimmer with patience and kindness to reinforce a comfortable, positive learning environment. Our methods have been successfully proven at every level of ability – from guiding entry level swimmers through our Learn to Swim progression, to challenging high level athletes with competitive training. Our main goals are for each student to master efficient swimming skills and, more importantly, to gain a love of swimming.


Blueray is committed to educating all our students and their families about the inherent risks surrounding all bodies of water. Our unique swim lesson curriculum consistently incorporates safety skills as a core component of the Learn To Swim progression. Blueray requires every team member to hold current American Red Cross certifications in Lifeguarding, CPR and First Aid, as well as participate in ongoing training. Additionally, Blueray offers regular classes and training to increase the knowledge and safety of the community as a whole.


The Blueray team works from the idea of no smile no good. This means if a student or client walks away unhappy, we haven’t done our job correctly. Blueray understands the importance of building positive relationships with our students, families and communities. We believe students should feel comfortable with their instructors, swimmers should feel safe with their lifeguards, and parents should feel safe choosing Blueray.


We put a lot of hard work and thought into our swim programs here at Blueray, but at its base, our philosophy can be described by the core goals and values of our swim team. By participating in our program, we promise that not only do all of our students improve their skills and comfort in the water, they also finish the summer with a greater love and appreciation for swimming. We know the experience for you and your children begins and ends with our coaching staff. This is why we only hire the most experienced, committed coaches to lead and work in our programs. Our coaches are collegiate and former collegiate swimmers with previous coaching experience under the belt, interested in building a program over a number of years. Thoroughly screened, and trained in house, Blueray coaches serve as strong role models for the children and communities they work with.