Santa Anita Swim Lessons

First and foremost, safety is number one when it comes to teaching our students.  But beyond our students staying safe, we want them to have fun while learning! Our “student first” approach allows us to establish a base comfort level for our swimmers in and around the water while progressing in accordance with the individual swimmers’ comfort and skill level.  This efficient and effective approach allows us to successfully guide each individual through all of the levels of skill progression. Blueray swim instructors use an enthusiastic and tailored approach for our private lesson swimmers of all ages and levels. Private Lessons are tailored to meet the needs of each individual swimmer.

Swim Lesson Details

Weekday Session:  8 Classes

Class Days:  Tuesday – Friday

Class Length:  30 Minutes

Group Lesson Age Requirement:  5 Years+

Private Lesson Age Requirement6 months+

Tuition Rates

$50.00  per 1 Session of group lessons

$100.00  per 4 x 30 minute private lessons

$80.00  per 4 x 20 minute private lessons

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Blueray’s Learn-to-Swim Progression

Parent & Me

In the Parent and Me class the Parent or guardian and the child learn together. Skills and comfort are achieved through songs, games and routine. The parent and me class is designed for infants and toddlers between the ages of 6 months to 3 years.

Level 1: Sand Shark
Water Orientation

Sandsharks are not yet comfortable or have a small fear of being in the water. Breath control, floating and underwater comfort skills are all major components of this class. Crying is common, fears are normally conquered after 1 or 2 lessons of water orientation.

Level 2: Tiger Shark
Water Safety

Tiger sharks will learn to kick correctly and balanced from point A to point B while rolling to their back for a breath. Arm propulsion is encouraged but not refined until the Great White Shark level. Independent kicking and survival skills will be developed and refined.

Level 3: Hammerheads
Water Balance

Hammerheads are comfortable being in the water and underwater. Proper body positioning for front glide and back glide will be the main skills focus. Underwater comfort and submerged toy retrieval will also be emphasized to maximize water comfort. Kicking will be introduced.

Level 4: Great White
Arm Propulsion

Great Whites will be introduced to arm propulsion and improved breathing techniques will be the focus of this class. Underwater skills will also be taught for improved water comfort. Backstroke arms will be introduced.

Level 5: Swim Team Prep
Stroke Refinement

Swim Team Prep will be introduced to to butterfly and breast stroke arms and refine the basic fundamentals of each of the 4 competitive strokes

Swim Lesson Schedule